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Dejla Land Housing Project

Dejia Land housing Project is located in the center of the province of Tikrit, within a total area of the project of 23 acres (57,500) square meters, divided into 12,000 square meters allocated for housing (6585) square meters for shops, commercial parking lot and the rest is for the walkways and internal roads for the project and the sewage unit and the rotting unit.

The project consists of 16 residential building four residential apartments on each floor, the apartments are of two types, six-stores building and three-stores building apartment.

Type A

Area of each apartment is 127 square meters and consists of three bedrooms, one of which contains a kitchen with Sweet and reception in addition to the bathroom per apartment.

Type B

a three-stores buildings similar to the previous type of building which means on each floor there are four apartments.

The project contains shops, a gym, swimming pool, petrol station and private parking lot for each apartment plus parking lot for super market.